Just as we spend a great deal of time analyzing nutritional needs, we at AnimalFitness™ continually examine and review a wide range of animal-related products. We often find that time-tested classics still incorporate the best ideas and highest quality, but when innovation creates a better product, we gladly celebrate and utilize the improvement. 

Here are some products that are highly respected and frequently recommended by AnimalFitness™. Please note that these selections reflect our opinions, based on our own experiences. We offer these opinions in the interest of assisting others, but we do not warrant any of these products.  

  • Immune One powder and Joint Mobility for horses, dogs, cats, humans, etc: www.immuneone.com.  We have used these products in our practice for over ten years with outstanding results and have never had any contraindications.  We use the Immune One powder in conjunction with all allopathic medicines and all holistic remedies; it seems to potentiate all medicines.  Because it is an immune modulator, it is appropriate in both hypo and hyper situations.

  • The McLaren photonic therapy torch for HEALING on horses, dogs, cats, and humans.  This torch uses a special light frequency on acupuncture points. We have never used any therapeutic instrument that performs as well as this does for both diagnosing and healing.  We would not be without it.

  • Snoot Loop Halter for dogs: www.snootloop.com.  This is by far the most comfortable and easily adjustable head collar for dogs ever made.  And it is the easiest and safest training tool.

  • Pet Essences:  www.petessences.com.  A complete line of flower essences designed for specific needs. Extremely effective.

  • Hoof Protection for horses: www.easycareinc.com. Hoof boots for horses are not just for the endurance riders anymore.  Please do the research and explore the benefits of wearing boots instead of shoeing or in conjunction with limited shoeing.  The health of the hooves affects the whole horse – No Foot, No Horse.  We have been using these products for over twelve years with outstanding results for all ages and disciplines of horses.  These boots are available locally at www.cheshirehorse.com.

  • CheshireHorse.com is THE place to buy whatever you need for your horse, farm, cat, dog, or yourself.  Their prices are wonderful and their staff is very knowledgable.

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