The single best thing you can do for your animal is provide it with high-quality food that matches its particular nutritional needs. Different animals require different foods, just as a diesel-engine truck requires different fuel than a gasoline-engine car. 

We at AnimalFitness™ have spent a great deal of time analyzing and testing animal diets, and as a result we have strong opinions about what’s best. We offer some general recommendations here, but please remember that nutritional needs can vary greatly even within a species, depending on factors such as age, exercise, climate, etc. After examining your animal and evaluating all relevant factors, we would be glad to give you more customized recommendations.

Here are some products that are highly respected and frequently recommended by AnimalFitness™. Please note that these selections reflect our opinions, based on our own experiences. We offer these opinions in the interest of assisting others, but we do not warrant any of these products.

  • Source One Feeds:  In our opinion, one of the best animal lines of supplements available --- truly amazing for horses, cows, goats, sheep, cats and dogs. 

  • Information about species-appropriate Raw Foods for dogs and cats:  Many people choose to feed their dogs and cats raw foods for the potential health and longevity benefits. is an excellent resource for information about the subject.
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