AnimalFitness™ offers veterinary and related services for large and small animals, utilizing both allopathic and holistic methods. The veterinary practice is conducted by Dr. C. R. “Jack” Kibbee, DVM, who graduated UC Davis veterinary school in 1965. While practicing veterinary medicine in California, Jack met and later married his wife/best friend Paula J. Fitzpatrick. After many happy years in California, in 2007 they moved back east to Hinsdale, NH and established AnimalFitness. [Jack is a Keene, NH native and Paula is a Philadelphia, PA native]. 

Jack provides mixed veterinary services on the premises of their ranch in NH. With Paula’s help and vast experience in animal behavior, training, and holistic modalities, AnimalFitness clients also obtain an array of related support services including grooming, boarding, training, behavior modification, communication, nutritional support, structural realignment, and photonic therapy.

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258 Monument Road, Hinsdale, New Hampshire, 03451
Office: 603.256.6282 • Cell:  619.922.2053


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